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I approached this film with some trepidation. It was by far the best of a bad lot, but I was concerned that it would drag and be overly sentimental. Fortunately it turned out that the title was a red herring, the film was about loneliness and isolation. It was based loosely on a dream I had about being trapped in a space station, in my dream NASA informed me that I was to live there alone to perform some kind of experiment and that my family thought I had died on the journey – that would have made a much better film actually. However any film with an astronaut can’t be all that bad, and it really wasn’t. I particularly enjoyed one of the interviews where a man gave a really great anecdote about the closeness of death. The slo-mo civil war pics were ace, and whilst it really was pseudo philosophical it left me with enough to think about. Production values were super high, I’d love to see more films like this, on someone’s personal theme.

I really liked the sound the astronaut made when he flicked his cheek, Tom can do that, it’s pretty cool.

I also appreciated the cinema letting me leave a ticket at the box office, a relaxing glass of wine before the film and the better than average company.