We were the onl…

We were the only ones in the swanky showcase cinema for this one.  I got to chat as much as I liked, which wasn’t that much.  We didn’t really act like children and take advantage of it, I suppose that’s says a bit about the film.  I was on the verge of writing that this was similar to so many other gangster, crime films, but actually, whilst it had the same wordy explanations interspersed with sections of action, it was far more involving than most films of this kind.  All the characters were rounded, weak, selfish, real.  I particularly liked the character of Mickey and the useless sidekick, which really opened my eyes to why some people are the way they are.  It looked good, stylised and elegantly shot.  The lenses were a character in themselves with so many of the shorts having focussed light disrupting the image.  I felt the political message was a little heavy handed and the final scene whilst satisfying spelled it out too obviously, which was a shame in a wordy film that I think was intended for multiple viewing.

Before the film we had Renato’s pizza and political discussions,  I really enjoy the datey part of the date, but then sometimes it makes me less inclined to head into the cinema!!  With that in mind, I rate the evening 5* and the movie I suppose deserves a 4* but I’m giving it a 3*.


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