Holy Motors



This has been my favourite movie night so far.   Instead of rushing from wherever I was late leaving yoga or other films, or talks, or sometimes work, this time we were for dinner and then a drink first.  The dinner was really good.  The first delicious steak I’ve had in Bristol.  We were still kind of late for the movie but I didn’t mind so much.  I had highish hopes for Holy Motors, from the Cannes buzz, although since it is a journey film set in a limo it immediately brought to mind Cosmopolis, which felt something like sitting in traffic for several hours.    It dragged a little.  I was left empty and wanting by so much of it, I wanted to invest more in the central “character”  but the only glimpses of him were in the car.   It was bit of a showreel, as we left I heard people discussing what a great actor Denis Lavant is.  However I left wanting to talk about it, and talking about it topped off a lovely evening (after a slightly frustrating trip to the corner store).    Holy Motors


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